Introduced to the guitar at a young age I developed a taste for guitar oriented music with the heavier genres as my main focus. As a teenager I’ve been a driving force behind several bands, writing music and performing at local venues. More recently I’ve been one of the guitarists of modern metal band Hibakusha. Which released several singles, an EP and full length record Prophet of Numbers and performed at several A-list venues and festivals in western Europe.

Alongside my endeavors in the metal-scene I’m active as the guitarist for Frenchcore DJ and producer Dr. Peacock. Performing on major festivals and large venues in Europe and contributing to his latest studio records. With the release of ‘Metempsychosis’ I begin a new chapter as a solo artist. The name translates to Transmigration of the Soul and represents new beginnings. And that’s just what this is: A fresh start with more to come!

Metempsychosis – 2023
recorded and produced by Jochem Kok
additional piano and violin recorded and produced by Jochem Kok and Sacha Hoedemaker

all performances by Jochem Kok except:
bass guitars by Sjoerd Folkeringa
piano on Throat Seeker and Yavanna’s Dream by Sacha Hoedemaker
violins on The Last March and Yavanna’s Dream by Kim de Beer

mixed and mastered by Mendel bij de Leij at MBDL Productions

photography by Rin Hortulanus
artwork by Segolia Studio
logo design by Dofzwart

stream/purchase here: